Yiphee! Alternative news, articles and videos from around the world wide web, including user participation and contribution. http://yiphee.com You Too Can Start an Independent Record Label - Yiphee! If you want to know the secret to how to start and run your own label then here it is, talent. You have to have something to sell your business pitch with. It doesn't matter what your particular genre is, you need to get out there and discover your first million. Yep, I...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109191708/14/You-Too-Can-Start-an-Independent-Record-Label.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109191708/14/You-Too-Can-Start-an-Independent-Record-Label.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 20:17:08 GMT The truth about what makes your skin dry and itchy in the winter - Yiphee! Dry air: The dry environment leaches any moisture that's already in your skin. For relief, slather on a rich emollient every day. Not exfoliating: It's important to clear away dead skin cells and product residue to let your winter moisturizers penetrate and...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109185913/13/The-truth-about-what-makes-your-skin-dry-and-itchy-in-the-winter.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109185913/13/The-truth-about-what-makes-your-skin-dry-and-itchy-in-the-winter.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 19:59:13 GMT Party planning made easy - Yiphee! 1. Prep your home. Before everyone arrives, double-check your home. Did you put out an extra roll of toilet paper and extra hand towels in the bathroom? Did you lower the thermostat to account for extra bodies? Did you empty the trash and recycling? Your partying self will...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109183507/7/Party-planning-made-easy.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109183507/7/Party-planning-made-easy.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 19:35:07 GMT Get in the know about this hidden, dangerous form of bullying - Yiphee! On the surface, when one child waves, say, peanut butter in the face of a student with a severe peanut allergy, it may seem like just another form of childhood teasing. But to a child with LTAs, incidents like this can make school feel unsafe and escalate from emotional to...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109134952/5/Get-in-the-know-about-this-hidden--dangerous-form-of-bullying.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109134952/5/Get-in-the-know-about-this-hidden--dangerous-form-of-bullying.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 14:49:52 GMT Humans intimacy with technology: Are we all becoming cyborgs? - Yiphee! Our obsession with technology and the information it delivers daily has progressed beyond the point of external mobile phones and smartwatches to implanted heart monitors and Fitbits. At one time, consumers were too paranoid to enter their Social Security or credit card...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109132711/3/Humans--intimacy-with-technology--Are-we-all-becoming-cyborgs-.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109132711/3/Humans--intimacy-with-technology--Are-we-all-becoming-cyborgs-.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 14:27:11 GMT 5 physician-approved nutrition tips to look and feel your best - Yiphee!   "By taking specific steps each day, you can optimize your beauty hormones," says Dr. Shelena Lalji, founder of Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center and medical advisor to Douglas Laboratories. "These hormones help boost your overall appearance....]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109125255/5/5-physician-approved-nutrition-tips-to-look-and-feel-your-best.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109125255/5/5-physician-approved-nutrition-tips-to-look-and-feel-your-best.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 13:52:55 GMT 6 home cleaning tips for pet owners - Yiphee! Stop dirt at the door The weather can't be controlled, but it is possible to keep dirt and debris outside. Keep pet wipes at the door to clean paws and stop mud in its tracks. Look for an all-natural product that will not only capture dirt, but moisturize paw pads...]]> http://yiphee.com/news/180109124129/12/6-home-cleaning-tips-for-pet-owners.html http://yiphee.com/news/180109124129/12/6-home-cleaning-tips-for-pet-owners.html Tue, 9 Jan 2018 13:41:29 GMT