About Us

Yiphee provides alternative news stories from various sources around the net including you tube, reuters, seti and various other sites of interest.

We also encourage user sign up's either for commenting or participation in our site features. Users may upload content and create news articles of their own, which can be particularly useful for driving visitors to their own content, either on networks such as you tube, or directly to their websites.

We ask that all users respect that although we are based in the UK, our content is available to all internet users including those without parental guidance, and therefore should keep content within the bounds of decency, honesty, safety and respectability to all potential users of the site.

We do scour the net for articles of interest that we feature, especially if it can link to futher information, thereby bringing traffic to those sources, and for this reason we consider our content to be within the definition of fair use.

Should there be any dispute, please bring it to the attention of admin at admin@yiphee.com and the content will be temporarily suspended pending further dialogue. When contacting us, please give enough information as to what you consider the problem to be, and evidence that you are the origianl producer or copyright owner of such content. Content cannot be suspended on a whim, so please give us as much checkable information as possible.

All other enquiries should be sent to contact@yiphee.com