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News->Announcements->Welcome to MKPortal   
Welcome to MKPortal

MKPortal is a free portal/CMS system which seamlessly integrates with the most popular forum softwares (Simple Machines [SMF], Invision Power Board 1.3 and 2.x [IP.Board], phpBB, phpBB3, vBulletin, MyBB, and AEF). It uses the forum user management system and other features and adds many powerful modules to create and manage a light but powerful web site. MKPortal has an intuitive user interface and is very simple to install and administer.

MKPortal is a new and unique concept in Content Management Systems. Mkportal does not include an actual forum, but remains a separate application which runs off of the forum backend. It uses forum member and other functions and does not require any modifications to the forum files to function. It does require simple editing of forum files in order to view the forum inside the Portal but these modifications are optional. MKPortal shares the forum database but all portal database tables are separate making the install and uninstall process easy. This unique separation of CMS and forum programs allows webmasters to run the main development branch of their chosen forum software so that they can apply forum security patches and upgrades as they are released.

MKPortal Features:

  • Full integration with forum member database. No double-logins!
  • Valid xhtml and css
  • Forum Themes/Skins importing (use forum skins for portal)
  • User-selectable Themes/Skins (lets members choose portal and forum skins)
  • User-selectable Languages (lets members choose portal and forum language)
  • More than 25 Portal blocks included with the ability to create custom html and php blocks
  • Create custom html and php internal pages

Included Modules:

  • Blog (give members their own hosted, full-featured blog)
  • Gallery (upload, manage, rate and comment images with categories)
  • Shoutbox (post messages in the style of a guestbook and display them globally in the header)
  • Downloads (upload, manage, rate and comment files with categories)
  • News (create, manage, rate and comment news articles with categories)
  • TopSite (upload, manage, and rate website link banners)
  • Reviews (create, manage, rate and comment reviews with categories)
  • Quotes (create and manage quotes)
  • Chat (chat online with other users directly from your portal)

by meo, Saturday, 27 March 2004 13:58, Comments(0)

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