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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Interacting with your children is one of the best parts of being a parent and it's no surprise that many people report looking for toys that incorporate interactive technology. Are you one of them?
The benefits of interactive technology for your child and you
Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 by Smudge 10 months ago star
If you are, then you know you’re looking for the kind of technology that involves you and engages, motivates, teaches, surprises and sparks the imagination of your child.The benefits of this interaction are considerable.Interaction key to helping develop children’s mindsResponsive interactions are the key to a toddler’s ability to increase their vocabulary and a baby’s ability to learn language, according to a study by the Society for Research in Child Development. Researchers at the University of Washington, Temple University and the University of Delaware studied 2-year-olds who effectively learned new verbs, either through training face-to-face with a person or via live video chat technology such as Skype. The study found children learned new words only when conversing with a person live or in the video chat, both of which involve responsive social interactions. These findings highlight the importance of a more interactive and responsive... read more...  comments [0]
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